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Basic Materials for Fibre Optic Cable Production

What do you need in a fibre optic cable? Stability, flexibility, durability, security.

What do you expect from your supplier of materials for fibre optic cable production? Reliability, flexibility, safety.

The demand is similar and SENTAL is offering both in their products and in their business conduct. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

We keep stock in Hamburg of the most popular types of FRP rods to ensure a quick and efficient delivery to our customers. We strive to continuously widen our programme by adding other sizes as well as other materials.

FRP Rods

Available types

  • FRP standard uncoated
  • PE-upcoated FRP
  • FRP EAA-coated
  • Waterswellable FRP
  • Starting at Ø0,4 mm upwards
  • Available also with meter marking

Aramid Yarn


  • Line densities 1100dtex, 1640dtex, 2420dtex
  • Tensile modulus: 64-80 GPa
  • Can be used in Fibre Optic Cables, Tyre Cores, Stab-resistant Body Armour and more
  • Also suitable for processing into chopped Fibres and Pulp

Glassfibre Rovings


  • Waterswellable Fibreglass Roving
  • 600 / 785 / 1200 / 2400 tex
  • Young's modulus 70Gpa
  • E.g. 2400 tex: 6400 m / 16,8 kg per spool, outer spool diam. 255 mm

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